Donna Jo and Kimmy, Lesbian Lovers…

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Uncategorized
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To the surprise of no one, Donna Joe Tanner, better known as DJ, and Kimmy Gibbler are lesbian lovers.  All the signs were there for us all to see, and now they finally admit the truth.

Can you guess who the butch is?  (HINT: She’s wearing a TIE!)  The signs for this were all over the place.  Kimmy would follow DJ around, just to be at her beck and call.  Of course Donna Jo, or Don JT as she now prefers to be called, wears the pants and suspenders in the family unit.  They have two of Comets grand-puppies and plan on adopting a baby.  The baby was born out of wedlock, a product of Stephanie and a meth dealer she met down at the docks.

Oh, and that whole Steve thing?  Yeah, that was just a cover.  He’s as strait as the graph of an earthquake.  Was he fooling anyone?  Please, cut, it, out.  If this is news to you, seriously, WAKE UP, SAN FRANCISCO!


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