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Here is the stream

Just a tiny little thing

Nothing like a river

That spits the land

It’s just a stream

Surely I can cross it?


No, I can’t cross the streams

The end of the world

Dimensions collapse

Fire from rooftops

Giants now melt

Want some s’mores?


Some more what

Shut up smalls

You don’t know the meaning

Of a pen scrawled

On a round ball

The sultan of swat?


Large men swagger

Eye patched machismo

Bibles are the way

Unless you want the easy route

Break the branch

Will one swing do?


The symbol is lit

Nipples protrude in rubber

Now under a spell

Partners struggle in vain

To fly together

Can he have a Sinatra croon?


Try some fly fishing

If the water is nice

But not to do here

No river runs through it

Just a struggling stream

Surely I can cross